Hologram cleans medicinal pollution in physical body (Part 2)

After the immediate  successes I obtained in cleaning medicinal pollution in me and chemical pollution in my children bodies, an old memory came to my mind.   

Many years ago, a friend of mine who used to be my dentist suggested to do a muscular testing (or kinesiology testing) to see if my oldest son had any energetic memories of medical drugs. He would stand behind me and hold in his hand different drugs while pushing down my arm to test my physical strength with his other hand. No drug was detected except one. It is called “Stillnox” and is a sleeping drug.

How strange. I had never taken any sleeping pill in the past. Why would there be the vibrations of such a drug in my son’s body?

Well, it requires two persons to make a child, and the answer was given by my wife who used to take Stillnow sleeping pills…

As soon as I remembered this story, I did the healing that is described in this postWhen I told my son about it, he said he did not feel anything.

I must admit I kind of forgot this healing until recently, when we received my son’s grade of physical education at school. Even though he had always practiced sport outside of school, his grade were never very good. Even our family doctor told my wife he was not a sportsperson. 

And for the very first time, his grade in physical education for this last quater was good! What a surprise. This change was confirmed when our son took last saturday a karate belt test: he obtained a better belt than expected and his teacher congratulated him. 

Results after a healing session are not always immediatly visible. The positive consequences of my sons’s medicinal pollution cleaning appeared weeks after the healing was performed. 

Yes, good vibrations can do miracles ! And energetic holograms give us these vibrations.

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One Response to “Hologram cleans medicinal pollution in physical body (Part 2)”

  1. Since the person being cleansed, the writer’s son, did not feel anything, it makes me feel that such cleansing is valuable.

    Also, the subtle energies from holograms are probably helpful to everyone. I think this story is helpful.