Spiritual group healing with holograms

That was really awesome… and so unexpected too! This post is about the conference I gave on the internet on October 9th.

After I talked about examples of healings that was performed with holograms (most of which you can read in the posts here), I had planned to have the public test a few holograms that would be shown to them on the screen of their computer. I certainly did not expect what happened next.

As soon as everyone (we were a little more than 20 of us) touched the first hologram on compassion, an idea came to my mind: I asked everybody to imagine we were holding hands and making a big circle. In the center of the circle, we all imagined there was our dear planet Earth with all its inhabitants. Then while touching the hologram, I asked everyone to think about each of our chakras one after the other, from #1 to #7. By doing this, we would automatically  fill our chakras with the energies of the hologram. Then we thought about the Earth in a way that we would project these powerful energies of compassion on the humanity and our planet. That first healing was powerful, even though at this time I did not feel we would form a single group but rather different personalities added together.

Then we went on with the  Lord’s Prayer hologram. There was more power and energy felt here, according to several  persons. Again, we projected divine energies after we had filled our chakras with these vibrations. At that point, I felt there were good vibrations starting to circulate in the group. It was like we were becoming one entity sending high energies to those who needed them. To be more precise, we sent these divine vibrations to all areas of the Earth in war and to all the people suffering from that situation.

The following hologram was “Hail Mary“. After filling our chakras with the vibrations of this beautiful prayer, we send them to all the persons on Earth who were emotionally broken.

Then, using the last two holograms together (Lord’s Prayer and Hail Mary) which is a very powerful combination, we send those good vibrations to all those living in fear and undergoing very difficult situations.

The 99 names of God hologram followed. It seems to me this hologram has all the divine energies possible: it is filled with Joy, Light , Power, Peace, Perfection… We send these energies to those persons with big responsibilities like heads of states.

We then sent healing vibrations to all the persons suffering from a health issue with the help of  a hologram made from a great book of christian prayers written by the abbey Julio and called: “Great wonderful Secrets” (the corresponding hologram is not yet available, but very soon will be on line).

The last hologram of this series was Isis the Egyptian Goddess. We sent Isis energies to all the persons in need of spiritual initiations. As we were transmitting those energies, I felt we received initiations at the same time. That was a vibrant experience.

Then I was inspired to send to all the participants the energies of the Christ hologram. That was tremendous, I tell you!

As a conclusion, we finally used the OM Mani Padme Hum hologram with the beautiful music of a Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q41RDC4iqvc . We sent those compassion vibrations to all those who consciously harm others. More precisely to their heart that we visualized as only one big heart. At the beginning, this heart seemed empty and had wrinkles on its surface. Then after a few minutes, this heart started to shine Love and Light.  At the same time, I clearly felt a deep sadness coming from those who realized who they really were… Other people from the group felt the same.

It seems like this spiritual group healing had an impact somehow. That was a very moving and transforming experience for me.

There is power in number, for sure… in particular with  holograms !!!          

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