Healing of a psychic attack

Two weeks ago, a couple who are my friends visited us. We had not seen them for at least two years.

During the conversation, the husband explained that even though he was in a good physical condition, he did not feel like doing or even desiring anything. Just like he was in a depressive mood.

The feelings he described surprised me as I remembered him as a very dynamic and even charismatic person.

When I started scaning his energies with the pendulum, the reason of his low feelings appeared clearly: he had lots of negative energies in his chakras, his emotional body (also called astral body), and his aura. In other words, he was the victim of a psychic attack.
It did not take long to cleanse these negative energies using the Yod He Vav He hologram. By the way, this hologram is really very powerful as it can dissolve all types of evil energies, even the worst ones.
I could have used also instead the Lord’s prayer hologram together with the Hail Mary hologram. These two are so powerful when used together.
Guess what happened next: two days after the healing, he was in a truly great shape he had not felt for months!
Also, these friends explained that they were in a very difficult financial situation. They badly needed a special document from their bank otherwise they had to pay 30000 euros…(With his wife, they had planned to move to a bigger city and buy a new house. They had found the new house and even signed the sale agreement. Unfortunately, they realized that this project was not a good one and changed their mind).

The only thing I could do in order to help was to send divine vibrations to the whole financial situation using the Lord’s prayer hologram together with the Hail Mary hologram.

Four days after the healing, the wife incidentally told me her husband did what was necessary to get that special paper from the bank. They had saved 30000 euros! Isn’t that great?

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One Response to “Healing of a psychic attack”

  1. Interesting. I would like to know whether you have holograms for good luck and to wash away doing bad karmas. how to improve on the spiritual path. I would like to know how we can activate our energy and clean all chakras auras etc.

    thank you