Egyptian kundalini

Physical energy for FREE! (scroll down for description)


Product Description

This hologram will bring physical energy to your body. If you think about a particular organ or zone of your body while touching the picture of this hologram there will be physical energy sent to that particular zone! (the picture above is NOT the physical energy hologram, you need to push “Add to cart” to get the pdf file of the physical energy hologram).

Comment: If you feel very low in energy, do not expect this only hologram to completely raise all your vibrations. Your physical energy will be back to normal, yes. But it is often not enough (read this post). However, try to feel the energy transfer taking place between the hologram (its picture on the screen ) and you.

If you do not feel anything, it could be because your physical energy level is fine or because you are not very sensitive to subtle energies. Then why not test other holograms ?