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It has been many years since I heard about those machines that can scan your energies and also treat you for many diseases as well  as do energy balancing.
Having a scientific background, I have always been fascinated by these devices – and I would love to understand how they work!. However they are somewhat expansive: at the very least $10,000 and usually around $20,000. This is why most owners usually have to use them professionally in their healing practice.

Having another professional activity, I thought I could not afford one of these machines… until I heard about the Quantum Life app.

I bought this app as I thought it would help me prove the efficiency of the holograms I produce.

When I acquired the Quantum Life app, I first installed it on a tablet. But the recording with this tablet was very low quality. You need to know this app works with a picture of you and also with a recording of your voice. The results given by this app were consequently not terrific at all with a low sound quality. Then I installed it on a smart phone (Samsung SII), and I started to be very surprised…

My only diagnosis tool to do energy healing is a pendulum. I discovered the results of this app was extremely close to answers of my pendulum. But was I being truly objective? That is a good question! This is why I needed to test it with other persons. When I did, I could test emotions (even  phobias) and particular physical problems that corresponded exactly with the person’s problem! Read the post about the testing.

I became convinced that very day that this app was truly an extremely useful scanning -and healing- device that everyone concerned with energetic health should have.

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