Archive | August, 2015

Fight drowsiness

Imagine what it would be like to be able to refill your energy whenever you need it. From feeling exhausted for one reason or another and a few seconds later, after touching the holograms and applying the short protocol, you are energized and ready to do just anything. Well, this dream becomes in most cases […]

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Personal story with Lord Ganesha power

Hello,   When  I read that email a few weeks ago, I got somewhat upset. The sender of the email asked me if I would be willing to be interviewed on local TV the very next day.    This interview did not concern energetic holograms (not yet!) but an association that helps people in distress to […]

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A breakthrough in the use of energetic holograms: a new protocol

Just like me, you are very probably looking for a powerful and easy way that will give you all the good vibrations you need.  Especially the vibrations that will help you realize your dreams. That is why you are interested in energetic holograms, aren’t you? And yes you are right, even more today! Because from […]

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