Archive | February, 2014

Emotional healing on a skeptical friend with holograms!

A very good friend of mine, let’s call him John, had told me earlier that he was not attracted by holograms and that he would not use them. Even though he has never tried them, I certainly did not insist he gave them a try. I respected his decision and never talked to him again about them. However, […]

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How to heal low self esteem

This friend of mine who is such a gifted massage therapist suffered from severe low self esteem. She would surprise me every time before giving me a massage as she would question the quality of her massage. After a few sessions, as I would invariably feel so relaxed and well after her massage, I realized […]

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Fast healing with holograms: how my toothache disappeared

That happened three nights ago. I was soundly sleeping when an unexpected toothache woke me up at 2 o’clock. Also, I realized I had a severely sore throat at the same time!  😥 Oh well… After some inner discussion about the need to get out from bed or not, I finally went down to the kitchen and […]

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