Healing prayer with holograms

The very first time I touched the freshly made Lord’s prayer hologram, I felt a powerful wave of energy going through me. At the same time, it was like my consciousness opened to new dimensions. To be more precise, my inner vision showed me a starry night that suddenly opened and let Divine energy come down on me. I understood this hologram could help us receive Divine vibrations and connect us to God.

On the practical side, I use this hologram to heal also relationships. While touching the hologram, I just think about the relationship that needs healing, and it is done. I suppose Divine connection is made instantly and fill the relationship (or whatever you decide to heal) with Divine vibrations.

With the Hail Mary hologram, you will be in connection with a very gentle yet Divine energy. I really feel that the vibration given by this prayer hologram expresses the feminine aspects of God. This is why I always add this hologram in the healing of a relationship.

With these prayer holograms, you will receive a powerful amount of Divine -and healing- energy and also you will feel a strong connection to God. Just like a healing prayer, but in a shorter time and in a more concentrated manner!

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3 Responses to “Healing prayer with holograms”

  1. I am intrigued by this write-up, and I feel its sincerety!

  2. Do you even know what a hologram is?!?!?
    A hologram cannot be displayed on a monitor!

    Just read this Wikipedia article as a start: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holography

  3. Teaching physical optics (also called wave optics) to my students, I’d better know what holograms are!
    But these energetic holograms do not produce a 3 D picture at all. They give you, when you touch them, subtle energies that have been stored in them through a proprietary process. I know it seems hard to believe… But try them honestly and you will be convinced !