Question about the Book of EST hologram

The book of est

Here is the question: Can you tell me more about the EST Hologram?

I’m having trouble with my relationship with money.

Will this Hologram help?



This hologram has the potential to transform ourselves even at an unconscious level and help us become who we really are. The result I obtained that convinced me this hologram was really effective was my relationship with food. I had struggled for YEARS trying to improve it (and I did) but never felt perfectly fine with it. I guess it is because it involves also deeply rooted emotional pains felt at a very early age. It was gone right after I used the hologram. Since that amazing result, you can imagine I worked with many other issues including my relationship with money too and my self love, self respect, self worth, among other things. I even worked on the health of parts of my body, since it is connected with emotions. As Gary Graig would say (the founder of EFT), “try it on everything!”.

To answer your question, yes, I think this book of est hologram can help. By using it, it is like you were following an entire self development workshop just for the issue your are working on with the hologram. Isn’t that great?

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