Miraculous healing!

It is late and I do not have that much time to write this post -because of work waiting for me- but I cannot resist telling you this great story!

A friend of our family asked me a week ago if I could do anything about her brother who was in a severe depression. This man, let’s call him Peter, is on his own again after his wife left him. That happens you may say, but Peter has also  a big financial debt, about 70,000.00 euros. The origin of this debt comes from his former wife according to Peter’s sister. 

In any case, he was really desperate and needed help for sure. 

As it was impossible to ask Peter if he would agree to receive a spiritual healing, I had to ask his spirit if I was allowed to do a healing for him. The answer was yes.

The healing did not take very long. I first checked his major chakras, his emotional and mental bodies. The results were really bad. No surprise he felt deeply depressed. Then I used the holograms Lord’s Prayer and Hail Mary to send divine energies to his chakras, and also his emotional and mental bodies. Using the latest healing procedure with the holograms (touch the hologram, think about the receiver, think about God and then chant the sounds: A OM U EE U O A) all his chakras went back to normal in no time, along with his emotional and mental bodies. 

Then I used an extremely powerful hologram that I will disclose in the very near future. This hologram sends peace and love energies. Peter needed these energies more than most of us. I could feel at the end that his heart was filled again with these divine energies. That was a beautiful experience for me.

As I was afraid this healing would not  last long enough, I asked that his connection to God when he would think about his financial problem would be perfect (using the hologram May God’s Will be done).

It is only tonight that I received some news from him through his sister. And guess what: Peter is now in good spirits  and really want to have a normal life again. He even started to do sports again as he went for a bike ride yesterday.

Isn’t that great? This is what I call a miraculous healing !!!


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2 Responses to “Miraculous healing!”

  1. God is truly everywhere and can perform miracles in every way. AMEN. Please help me pray that my misbehaved son can turn into God fearing and obedient. He needs guidance Lord. Touch his heart Lord and lift him up according to your will. He fights his parents just because of financial shortage.

    • Your request touched my heart and I did a healing using the following holograms: Lord’s Prayer; Hail Mary; Heart of Uruguay, Mahayaga 2014 and a few others. your son shouldchange his behavior. Let us know what happened with him, thanks.