Hologram green clay, just like green clay, can make miracles !

Medicinal clay in history

Medicinal clay has been used for several thousand years. Its first recorded use is on Mesopotamian clay tablets around 2500 B.C.! It was also well known and used among ancient Egytians. Green clay, a special type of medicine clay that we propose, has been used for centuries. 

What is green clay?

The hologram we made contains the vibrations of  green clay, most commonly known as French green clay or illite.  Green clay is an organic material that contains not only essential minerals and iron oxides but also decomposed plant material such as kelp and seaweed. 

What are the uses of green clay?

Green clay uses are mainly, according to  https://www.via-les-herbes.com/green-clay-benefits/  :

  • On skin, in cosmetology, it can be used in mudpack for better and quicker healing ; its efficiency is noticeable for greasy or combination skins, but also for scars, eczema, acne, burned skins, dermites and mycoses…
  • It stimulates the generation of new skin cells.
  • In case of abscess, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, it should be used as a cataplasm.
  • Used within the human body, it has a revitalizing and disinfecting effect for the digestive tract, it releives from gastroenteritis, absorbs intestinal gas and toxins present in the digestive tract, and prevents decalcification since that a part of its minerals is absorbed by the intestin.
  • Such green montmorillonite is also remarkable in such that it absorbs radioactivity and heavy metals, all toxical for human body.

The methods to use green clay hologram

Now, there are three methods to use this green clay hologram:

  • The traditional way used for most holograms:
    • Touch the green clay hologram;
    • Think about the body part you want to treat;
    • Close your eyes and imagine yourself facing the sun;
    • While still thinking about the body part you are healing, imagine you are now in the middle of the sun;
    • You can even imagine the sun is in your heart too !
    • Sing inwardly the sounds: A –  OM – U  – French U –  EE (as in tea) – é (as in café) – U – O – A.
  • Print the hologram and energize water by putting a bottle of water on the printed hologram;
    • Drink that water on a regular basis.
  • Print the hologram on a paper or even better on a sticker!
    • tape it on the body part that needs healing (or just put the sticker on it).

My personal experiences with green clay hologram

A great way to heal arthritis

Six months ago, I started to feel a very intense pain on one of my finger joints. I think it was arthritis. I could hardly fold my finger. So I treated my finger joint with the green clay hologram, using the traditional method (visualisation method). I  repeated the same treatment several times for a few days. The results were felt very soon: it was like the pain had burst into small pieces around my finger joint. I could fold my finger again with almost no pain. To me, this quick result was a miracle, even though it took a few months before my joint was absolutely back to normal.

A new way of using holograms directly on the body

More recently, I had the opportunity to enjoy three big and delicious meals two days in a row. Well, I could feel my stomach and my pancreas getting a little tired. As amazing as it may be, I printed by mistake the following day the green clay hologram on stickers. At first I was annoyed and then…

… guess what: I applied several green clay holograms stickers on my body in the stomach and pancreas areas. And the miracle happened within an hour: my stomack was just fine again, just like my pancreas!





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