Energy hologram to boost energy and keep playing tennis !

It happened two weeks ago. It was a sunday and our family went to the open days hold by the tennis club where my son has taken lessons every week this year.

The president of the club, who is also an acquaintance, invited me to play tennis with me. I gladly accepted. 

I had taken some tennis lessons many years ago (20 years ago!) but since that time I had almost not played anymore.

Also, I do not exercice regularly, even though I do practice energy work on a regular basis. In other words, I was not in the best physical shape to play tennis that day.

The president knew this and he was very kind to adjust his level to mine. However I tend to think he did not expect to play tennis for very long with me.

Of course my lack of physical training became a serious handicap for me after about…   …10 minutes! I started to feel so exhausted that I had to concentrate really hard to keep playing. At some point I even realized I would have to stop quickly if nothing was changing.

Suddenly the idea of using one special hologram crossed  my mind.

You probably know if you have been reading these newsletters for some time that energetic holograms have a huge advantage: after you have used a hologram for a minimum period of time (about a week if you use it everyday), then you do not have to physically touch it anymore. You just imagine you are touching it and it works just the same. 

As you can easily imagine, it is very handy in many situations…    …especially when you play tennis!

So every time I was picking up balls I imagined I was holding that special hologram in my hand. The result of my imagination was like magic: I could quickly recover enough energy to keep playing.

And guess what: we played for about 70 minutes without stopping, not even once.  Isn’t that great?

My opponent suggested we stopped playing. I sincerely think I could have played longer since I knew how to refill my energy level everytime I would pick up the tennis balls. 

When practicing a sport that requires energy in the long run, such a special hologram can be really useful.

By the way, this hologram contains 14 different energies and you can find it here:

The proper way to use this hologram is given in the page given above. But even when you don’t follow the steps, it will still bring energy to you. This was my experience on the tennis court as I did not have the time to follow the procedure.  

There is another way of using this hologram when you are at home. It is by listening to a energized music CD!  It will work even if you do not listen to the music but just play it. To have more information:

Whether you receive energy vibrations through direct contact (with a hologram) or through music waves, the effect is just the same. It becomes very easy to boost your energy anyway !

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