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What if music could have exceptional vibrational properties capable of raising your own vibrations and even more ?  I AM THAT I AM protège ce site et tous ceux qui le lisent

And what if this special music could be your  music you love the most ?

Just send us the CD of your choice. It will be transformed into an energetic CD. We will send it back to you ready to be played and radiate very positive and high vibrations!

Healing music

Energetic music

What are the different uses of this high vibration music?

Raise your own vibrations
Listening to this music will increase your own vibrations, which will improve your energy level. It will also help your energy to circulate more easily. Actually, you won’t even have to listen to the music; it will have the same effect on you if you just hear it. See more about that below.
Raise the vibrations of your home
And not only will it affect all the persons and more generally all living beings around, but also the energy of the place where the music is played. The energy of your home will become very beneficial to those who stay in it.
Raise the vibration of food and drinks
Since this energetic music radiates high frequency vibrations, you can also raise the vibrations of what you eat and drink so that it will bring energy to you. It is not well known that if what you ingest has very low vibrational level, it will deplete you of subtle energy. Playing the energetic music in your kitchen will assure you to always have perfect food energy wise.
Enhance your meditations
If you use music in your meditations, there is no doubt the quality of your meditations will increase dramatically. Why? Because the high rate of vibrations will awaken your consciousness.
Deeply relax your clients receiving a  massage or any other type of healing
The impact of a relaxing music is heightened if it has been energized. Your client will reach a more profound state of relaxation and in a shorter time too.
For music lovers:
Have you ever noticed how good it felt after you have been to a classical music concert?  Well, you will have almost the same sensations after listening to your energetic music CD,whether or not it  is classical music!


Energetic Music – A Little Miracle
What you are about to read will seem at first hard to believable. But please read on, the given explanations will hopefully make perfect sense to you. The startling fact is that energetic music does not need to be heard at all ! Why is that? Because the subtle energy waves and the sound waves are distinct. Playing the music will send out high positive vibrations even if no sound is heard. The practical and very useful consequence is this: you can play the energetic music 24 hours a day without hearing it. This way, nobody will know you are improving your own energy and those around you, as well as the vibrations of your environment. If you can have a portable CD player with you, then you will bring with you -at work for example- the very positive vibrations created by the energetic music.


How was this energetic music discovered?
Just like many life changing inventions, an idea that seemed initially non sense crossed my mind. I just had the good idea to immediately test it. And… it worked!
This idea involves a process well known in science. All  students in physics have heard about it. However, this process alone will not raise the energy of the CD. There is another part to this treatment that requires being sensitive to subtle energies.


You are not sure this energetic music  is real? And you would like to check the change in energy of your CD?
Well, this is simple to do. Just pick a song in your CD. If you have the original CD that is not treated, try to listen to it as many times as possible. For most of us, after some time -that may vary from a few minutes to many hours- we cannot stand it anymore and stop the music even if we like it very much. Now you do the very same experiment but this time with the treated CD. You will realize that you can listen to the song as many times as you want! No limit here, except that you may want to change the music at one point. And not because you cannot stand it anymore…


How Do I Enjoy The Benefits of energetic Music for Myself?
You send us a music compact disk (CD) of your choice that we will treat using a proprietary technique. That technique is a physical process that does not alter in any way the CD, except its subtle energy. The result of this transformation will dramatically affect the vibration rate of the music it will play.
Musicians who try to detect the slightest change won’t be able to hear any difference whatsoever. Indeed, the treatment does not modify the content of the musical signal. It is the global impression that is spectacularly transformed. Just listen with your heart, and you’ll be able to feel the difference!



Where do I send my CD(s)?
After you hit the Add to cart Button, you will be given the address.

Can the choice of the music impact its energetic properties?
Yes, but not that much: about 15% of the vibrational effects are due to the music itself. In other words, feel free to choose the music you like. But if you desire the highest possible energetic impact, choose a music that is considered to be both healing and uplifting.

If I copy the energetic CD, will I get another energetic CD?
No, it does not work that way. The high vibration has been embedded in the compact disk itself. Copying the CD will not transfer the vibration to the other one.

Does the CD needs to be energetically recharged on a regular basis?
No, because playing the CD does not takes away its energy.

Is it best to send the original CD or a copy?
Sending a copy of your preferred CD is probably the best option. Why?
You do not take the risk to lose the CD you like the most, even though postal transport is pretty safe nowadays;
You can compare the high vibration music with the original one.
But if you prefer to send your original copy for one reason or another, please do!

to heal with music

Energetic music

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