Energetic Holograms

Energetic Holograms
The energetic holograms that we create, answer among other things the question: “how can I get energy?” As surprising as it may seem, our holograms carry energies deep within them.  More generally all surfaces having optical properties possess the unknown ability to retain subtle energies. These subtle energies are emitted both by living beings and inorganic matter too. These vibrations are embedded in holograms using a physical process that is a proprietary method.
We deeply believe that these special holograms can bring very positive changes in our lives. Why?  Simply because this is our personal experience as well as other’s experience too !


Hologram products

The different uses of these energetic holograms

They can be classified in three groups:
The first category of holograms is the one that directly answer the question “how can I get energy?”.  They can be considered as pure energetic objects that fills us up with energies. There are different types of energies that run the complex system that is our physical body: tchi, prana, etheric energy, physical energy to name just a few. To sum it up in a few words, the corresponding holograms recharge our batteries.
The second category improves our energetic system by cleansing, balancing, or even repairing it. This is the case for example for the chakra holograms, the Kalachakra and some Huna holograms.
The third category of holograms helps us connect to the Source. By bringing high vibrations to us, these products are capable of creating deep changes in our life. Some people would even consider that they provide true spiritual initiations.

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How to employ these holograms
This is very simple: visualize the pdf file of the hologram on your computer. Just touch the screen with your fingers or the palm of your hand. Keep the contact until you do not feel energy flowing. If you do not have any sensation, just stay between 1 and 2 minutes in contact with the screen.

Just think about the holograms!
After you will have used the holograms the traditional way –by touching the screen of the computer- a few times, you will notice that by just imagining you are touching the hologram, the energy transfer will take place !

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Frequently asked questions
Are energetic holograms effective only for those who believe in it?
Certainly not! Read Mario’s story (among others) and you’ll be convinced that the energy transfer between the hologram and you takes place whatever your beliefs are. Some persons are more sensitive than others and may feel the flow of energy. However the end result will not be affected by your perceptions.

Who may benefit from the energetic holograms?
Due to the very high vibration rate of the energetic holograms, everybody can take advantage from them. Those who have tried many of them (the three types of holograms) claim their awareness and energy has greatly improved.

Can the hologram picture be printed?
Yes it can be printed. The vibration rate of the printing is high, but no energy transfer can occur from it however.

Do we absolutely have to touch the screen in order to receive energy from the hologram?
Not necessarily. If you enlarge the picture (400% for example), the energy of the hologram will radiate so much that you will just need to be close enough to the picture in order to benefit from it.

Story of a discovery
During the summer 2011, a good friend of mine told me about those Power bracelets as he used to wear one at that time. He was kind enough to lend me his own bracelet, and instead of wearing it, I just put it on the night table by my bed. The following morning, I was very surprised to wake up filled with energy! Having a scientific oriented mind, I wondered how a very small hologram could have such a big effect.
Being sensitive to subtle energies, I realized this very small piece of hologram had a very high vibration rate. How could this be possible?
A few months later, I was given an answer to that daunting question. Using a physical apparatus, I found it was possible to give to any medium that has optical properties -like holograms- a very high vibration.

Photo hologramme

Hologram products

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