Christ vibrations make miracles

A very good friend of mine who is also one of my beta testers was in a difficult situation at work. His relationship with his colleagues were not that great and he suffered from this lack of good atmosphere at work.

As I had recently discovered a new way to use the Christ hologram, I told him about it and suggested he would use it for his colleagues.

So what he did was simple: he touched the hologram, then thought about his heart, and finally visualized his colleagues.

The results he obtained were unexpected. His colleagues started to ask him about special tasks he has in his job for the first time ever!

Also, he felt attracted to talk to them whereas before he would avoid them as much as he could.
In other words, the atmosphere at work for him has totally changed for the better. Isn’t that great?!

Personally, I can tell you that by doing this three step process (touching the hologram, concentrating on your heart and then thinking about the person or project, etc.) you will feel a huge amount of divine Love and Light going through you.

Christ vibrations are fantastic, really !!!

I forgot to mention that you do not have to be Christian or even to use this energetic hologram on Christian people. Christ vibrations do not belong to anybody or to any religion. They are beyond all types of dogma or any system of belief.

If you choose to buy this hologram, you will also receive the paper version of the hologram. Instead of touching a screen, you will be able to touch the physical hologram.

The purchase of this hologram will give you access to a free web workshop that will show you in details the different ways of using it.

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