Chakra healing with holograms

Chakra healing

Do you believe in healing chakras with subtle energies?

Do you believe you can receive subtle energies by touching a special object? (like a screen displaying a special picture)

Do you believe your own thoughts can help you heal your chakras?

Do you think innovative technology can create new chakras healing methods  ?

If you answered YES to most of these four -somewhat strange- questions, then you are ready to accomplish chakra healings with holograms. Yod He Vaw He protège ce site


How to heal chakras with holograms

You just need to touch the image of a chakra hologram (stored as a pdf file and a jpg file if you prefer) while thinking about the corresponding chakra.  That is all.

chakra balancing

To give you a more precise idea, here are four examples (among others):

Emotional healing

Just think about all the negative emotions (without trying to know what they are) that affect your chakra while touching the corresponding hologram.

Healing the past

Think about a particular event that was painful to you and at the same time touch the chakra hologram. The negative emotions and memories associated with that event will simply disappear in that chakra you are working on. All the other chakras should receive the same treatment of course.

Preparing the future

While thinking about an event that will take place in the future (an event that makes you nervous for example), touch a chakra hologram. If you do this for all your other chakras, they will be perfectly working during this event and you will feel just fine.

Cleansing negative energies

Again, just think about negative energies that burden your chakra while touching the corresponding chakra hologram. All negative energies in that chakra will be dissolved.

This process of touching the chakra hologram lasts between 30 seconds to one minute in general. You will very probably feel the time you need.  

There is more you can do with chakra holograms: visit that page!


 Heal your chakras today:  click here and choose the holograms you want.

chakra awakeningWhen you buy one hologram, you will receive a bonus that will multiply the healing power of holograms by a factor one hundred (*100)


Yes, energetic holograms work for you too!

Test now a powerful hologram before ordering a chakra hologram. This hologram you can download for free is made from the famous words God said in Genesis 1 in the Bible: “Let there be Light“. Even if you do not believe in the Bible, it will work anyway.

While touching this hologram, if you think at the same time about one of your chakras, this chakra will receive Divine Light. Do it with all your chakras in order to have a stronger effect on you.

Then you may think (while still touching this free hologram)  about your electrons, neutrons, protons, etc. and they will receive Divine Light also. You can also think about a relationship, a project, a past event… In short, anything you want to send Divine Light to !

We are so confident you will be totally satisfied with these energetic holograms that we offer you a  60 day guarantee. No question asked. chakras

Try today a chakra hologram

Would you like to learn more secrets about chakra healing with holograms? Read that page !


My experience with energetic holograms

It has been a very exciting adventure for me since I discovered the secret of energetic holograms. Because I now have access to many different types of extremely powerful vibrations that bring healing, love, peace, among others Divine energies. You can read in my blog some of the healings I achieved with energetic holograms and that anyone can do too.

Energetic holograms have changed my state of mind: whenever I face a problem in my life, I now know, very deep in me, that high vibrations provided by holograms will bring a natural solution to it. 

Even though chakra healing does not heal everything, it is truly a good start to healing and furthermore it will give you access to a peace of mind never accessed before (see the page on advanced chakra healing).

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Who am I ?

On the scientific side, I graduated in 1989 with a Master of Science in Engineering from the University of Washington, USA. I currently teach physics to second year college students in France.

On the vibrational healing side, I am a Reiki Master since 1997, initiated by Elaine Melody Thomas, Reiki Master. I have a passion for vibrational healing as well as spirituality  and I have been a seeker in that field since 1988. To know more about me, go here.   I A

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A few words on holograms

The chakra holograms (which are downloadable pdf and jpg files) are made from the chakra symbols you can see in the above picture on top of the page. Through a proprietary process, the perfect energies of the chakra symbol are captured by a hologram. By touching the hologram and thinking about the corresponding chakra, you send these divine -and therefore healing- energies to your chakra.   

Please note that energetic holograms do not produce a three dimensional  picture. They store subtle energies instead of electromagnetic energies of a picture.   

Just go there and choose the chakra hologram you are going to work with today

Other holograms like this one will dissolve negative emotions, negative memories, negative energies and much more in your electrons, protons, neutrons…

You can read these posts to learn more about healing with energetic holograms.  

After a while, you won’t even need to physically touch the image of the hologram -which is a pdf file. You will just need to imagine touching the hologram and it will work the same way.  

Energetic holograms represent a revolutionary discovery in the field of healing. You open a pdf or jpg file and then you touch the screen, that is all!

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Importance of healthy chakras

These seven major energy and spiritual centers called chakras (meaning wheels in Sanskrit) govern our existence.  When we are happy and in love with life, they are fully open and filled with joyous energy. Conversely, someone deeply depressed will have closed chakras and will face great difficulties to interact with the outside world.  In other words, having healthy chakras is of the utmost importance.  I AM THAT I AM  protège ce site et les personnes qui le lisent

You can accomplish safe and guaranteed chakra healings with energetic holograms

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Accomplish today your first chakra healing with holograms !

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