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Sacred oil

Sacred oil to bring miracle vibrations to your home

How to make sacred oil Well, this is very simple: pour a small -or not so small- amount of natural oil in a glass. Personnally, I used organic olive oil. Then put this glass filled with oil on a very special hologram: the YHVH hologram. We will see below how long you need to keep […]

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Dissolve negative energies

The seven chart method to dissolve negative energies … …and brighten your day !

The seven chart method Last month we talked in this blog about the seven chart method. Let’s describe again this method in a few words: the idea here is to send good energies to our charts (astrological, numerology,…) in order to change ourselves permanently. We focused particularly in our last post on energies: filling our […]

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The seven chart method with holograms to raise your energy level

What are charts? Most of us know or at least have heard about astrological and numerology charts. These are tools that help us know ourselves better. They can also predict with accuracy the future influences we will undergo. But there is more, much more… The exotic use of these charts As amazing as it may […]

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unconscious mind

Changing our unconscious mind ? One hologram can do it!

The importance of the unconscious mind We all know our unconscious mind can influence our life in ways we are unable to fully realize. This is why our unconscious mind has the power to make our life look like heaven …    … or hell! Needless to say how essential it is to make sure […]

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Green clay healing

Hologram green clay, just like green clay, can make miracles !

Medicinal clay in history Medicinal clay has been used for several thousand years. Its first recorded use is on Mesopotamian clay tablets around 2500 B.C.! It was also well known and used among ancient Egytians. Green clay, a special type of medicine clay that we propose, has been used for centuries.  What is green clay? […]

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Healing meditation

Will you believe this ?

Yes I found ecstasy in a horrendous task That story took place 19 years ago and I must admit I almost forgot it. It was the first time ever I started this new professionnal task that not that many colleagues would consider doing. Yes it would bring me some money of course. But it represented […]

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Quinton water hologram

Keep in mind that the Quinton water hologram has the vibrations of Quinton water. You can use this hologram directly on your organs, your  muscles, your blood, etc. or you can energize a glass of water with it and then drink it.  The text below gives you some historical backgroung of Quinton water: Ocean Plasma […]

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Natural pain killer

Pain killer after the dentist or any surgery

A natural pain killer The other day, I underwent a tooth extraction that was particularly difficult and therefore lengthy. The dentist had a hard time pulling all the roots of that tooth. Hopefully I did not feel pain at all as my mouth was asleep. After it was finished, the dentist wrote a prescription for […]

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Grounding: an essential tool for your well-being

Electrons as medicine Electrons are good for your health and some people even believe they will help you live longer ! This is why you can buy ionizers for your car and your home.  The first time I used an ionizer, it was in my bedroom and I felt refreshed the following morning.  If you are not […]

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Stem cells therapy: is it real or fake?

It’s been quite a long period of time with no news from energetic holograms !.. These past three months have been very busy for me. However working on holograms has never ceased: new holograms, new methods and new approches will be presented in the near future, begining with this newsletter. Let’s start with this brand […]

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