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Will you believe this ?

Yes I found ecstasy in a horrendous task That story took place 19 years ago and I must admit I almost forgot it. It was the first time ever I started this new professionnal task that not that many colleagues would consider doing. Yes it would bring me some money of course. But it represented […]

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Natural pain killer

Pain killer after the dentist or any surgery

A natural pain killer The other day, I underwent a tooth extraction that was particularly difficult and therefore lengthy. The dentist had a hard time pulling all the roots of that tooth. Hopefully I did not feel pain at all as my mouth was asleep. After it was finished, the dentist wrote a prescription for […]

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Grounding: an essential tool for your well-being

Electrons as medicine Electrons are good for your health and some people even believe they will help you live longer ! This is why you can buy ionizers for your car and your home.  The first time I used an ionizer, it was in my bedroom and I felt refreshed the following morning.  If you are not […]

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Stem cells therapy: is it real or fake?

It’s been quite a long period of time with no news from energetic holograms !.. These past three months have been very busy for me. However working on holograms has never ceased: new holograms, new methods and new approches will be presented in the near future, begining with this newsletter. Let’s start with this brand […]

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Yoga tummo

Awaken your inner fire

First of all, I would like to wish you a beautiful new year filled with good vibrations that will help you realize your dreams, attract joys in your life and keep you in great shape. Speaking of physical fitness, would you like to feel warm even in the cold? Well, this new hologram is for […]

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Mental pattern

Dissolve negative mental patterns

You probably heard about those books that give interpretations of illnesses. They are all based on the idea that a negative mental pattern can create an illness. This new point of view on illnesses have helped many people reduce their pain if not heal completely. Recently I made a hologram from one of numerous books […]

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Santa Rosalia

Santa Rosalia hologram

Have you heard about Saint Rosalia? She lived in a cave in Sicily near Palermo during the 12th century. (see Water can be found in this cave and it is supposed to have miraculous properties. A friend of mine who is also an emergency medicine doctor visited this holy place with his wife last summer. […]

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New amazing techniques with energetic holograms

More and more people are using holograms or receiving hologram healings! And new ideas about their use are still coming regularly -maybe 5 per month on average (at least). Like for example this idea of sending positive vibrations to one’s past: everyday of one’s first three years. The result is just miraculous. If you feel […]

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250 stones and crystals for healing !

Yes, you’ve read correctly: 250 stones and crystals  can be used very easily to heal yourself and others. All their vibrations are stred for convenience in one hologram. This is why this hologram is powerful. It will help you obtain: – fast healing; – high energy level; – good sexual health; – peaceful emotional state; – mental clarity… The […]

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Become a ki master… and master prana energy too !

At this time of the year, there are lots of viruses and other bacteria flying around us.  It is then crucial for us to keep a high energy level in order to fight them.  It is exactly what I was doing when I incidentally -and recently- discovered a new and very efficient way to store and use […]

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