How to prevent fainting with one hologram

Because I am going to  borrow some money from my bank, I have to undergo a blood test. This is why I went yesterday to a biochemical laboratory that took blood samples from me.

Well, I must admit I am not very familiar with this type of experience and  felt somewhat nervous about it. Instead of using holograms, I decided for a change to take advantage of E.F.T. in order to feel deeply relaxed. So while  driving (you are not supposed to do this!), I did EFT turns to dissipate physical, nervous, emotional, and mental stress. And when I arrived there, I felt just fine. I even had a friendly conversation with the man who was extracting blood from my vein. Everything was going well until… I looked at the blood samples. And then I started to feel unwell. It was coming from my solar plexus, as usual. 

I briefly explained to the technician that I was going to do EFT in order to feel better. After some tapping with no word, there was almost no result.  Then the idea to use holograms quickly crossed my mind.

In truth there was only one hologram that was useful: the third chakra hologram. As soon as I imagined that this hologram was in contact with my solar plexus, I started to feel better, much better!

To be honest, I also used later on the six other chakra holograms. But I did not feel it made any difference. Just like it was only my third chakra that needed a healing.

With this third chakra hologram, I now know how to prevent fainting very quickly!

This personal experience shows that even under a big stress, imagining a hologram can be really powerful energy-wise.

By the way, the blood test results were very good!



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One Response to “How to prevent fainting with one hologram”

  1. Thank you for sharing this insight. The third chakra must be the key for your flow.