Even though I have been interested in subtle energy work for about twenty years, my background is in science.  I graduated from a French Engineering school in 1987 and then I went to the University of Washington in Seattle and obtained the degree of Master of  Science in Engineering in 1989. Then I moved to the University of California in San Diego and followed a graduate program in physics for one year. After these three years of studies in the USA, I came back to France where I prepared an exam that allows me to teach physics to second year college students. Since 1991 when I started this job, I have been learning through workshops and books different healing methods (Reiki, crystal healing, sound healing, spiritual healing…). With the help of these multiple learnings, I started to create my own healing technique which involves methods and knowledge employed in physics.

These energies that are almost invisible to modern scientific instruments are nevertheless radiated by all living beings and objects. Some people are naturally sensitive to these energies. The others (most of us!) learn to detect them.
I believe these invisible vibrations run our physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual health. In other words, I strongly believe that by increasing the quality of these different vibrations, we can improve all aspects of our life.


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