Archive | May, 2013

A healer comments her use of holograms

Here is a comment from Elisabeth Vasselin: “Following a health problem, a friend of mine used holograms that restored my heart rate in just a few minutes. I was very surprised at how quickly I recovered. That is why I got interested in this very simple method that healed my heart and connected to the […]

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Boost your immune system !

Having a cold every winter that would last for weeks made me realize that I obviously needed to  boost my immune system. But how? When Ismael Aviso told me his energy pendant would boost my immune system, I was more than willing to believe him. Just because the kinesiology test that I performed with his pendant was […]

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How to prevent fainting with one hologram

Because I am going to  borrow some money from my bank, I have to undergo a blood test. This is why I went yesterday to a biochemical laboratory that took blood samples from me. Well, I must admit I am not very familiar with this type of experience and  felt somewhat nervous about it. Instead […]

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