Archive | December, 2012

How to develop compassion and send waves of love vibrations !

In order to develop compassion, today I have been inspired to work with the hologram of compassion.  I used that hologram to fill all my major chakras with compassion vibrations. This is very easy to do: I just imagined I was touching the hologram of compassion and at the same time I thought about my […]

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What to do for energy when you feel tired

Two days ago, I was visiting an attraction park called the futuroscope. In the middle of the day, I started to feel very tired, for no clear reason. As I had driven a long distance to get there, I was determined to enjoy my stay and would therefore do my best to be back in […]

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A kinesology test during Christmas day!

We had a big family gathering for Christmas day this year: 17 of us at home! Everybody was enjoying themselves and I started to talk about the Aviso energy pendant that I wear all the time. Most of my family members were skeptical about its properties and therefore I decided to do kinesiology tests (described […]

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